Recycled Soda Bottles Make For A Stunning Christmas Tree!

In just a few weeks, Santa will take his bag of presents and begin his journey to the houses around the world to grant the wishes of everyone that has been good throughout the year. However, before that, we have to make sure that when he does visit us, we have everything in order. This includes food, friends and a lot of Christmas spirit. Without it, there is a big chance he won’t see our houses for all the lights shining brighter somewhere else (are there more people than me that don’t want to let go of the belief that Santa actually exists?). Oh, and we must not forget the tree since it’s the most important ingredient in the overall Christmas spirit.

Did you know that there are way more Christmas tree concepts around than you could ever imagine? Of course, we got that plastic story of a tree. To me, that’s like buying a pirated iPhone from Asia. It’s just not the real deal and never will be. But the DesignPack Gallery in France has a different outlook on things. If you’re on your way to recycle your empty soda bottles, there is a huge chance that you will come across an installation of the real definition of a plastic tree.

DesignPack has dedicated this recycling cause to a Christmas tree created out of green and red soda bottles that have or shall be recycled. It took me quite some time to see the bottles since they are crumpled and distorted, but when you look real close, it’s quite clear. They are attached to the rims by their caps, and they are slightly bent outwards. It’s a brilliant way to show people that recycling really means a lot for the environment. It’s a great promotional stunt if you ask me.