Revenge Of The Piggy Bank: It’s Equipped To Destroy Itself!

Some people save their money in the bank. Some people invest it in hopes that they’ll increase the amount over a longer period of time. And then, there are the people that keep their money in a piggy bank at home. For the most part, these people are the ones that will inherit the world at some point in the future. When I was a kid, I had a plastic piggy bank that I kept feeding the small amount I managed to earn from chores. It was one thing to put money in it, but an entirely different thing to try and get money out of it. Since I didn’t have the key, I found the solution which involved shaking it, and using a knife. It was somewhat like in the comics. However, this is not the way we do things in today’s society apparently.

The Revenge of The Piggy Bank is a curious and funny concept that will have most grown ups giggling, and most children hoping for a time when they are home alone. The porcelain piggy bank is equipped and armed with a brass miniature sledgehammer that will reveal to be quite useful the day you decide enough is enough, literally.

Just slip the hammer out of the piggy’s hands and smash the little thing to pieces. You’ll finally get your revenge on him for keeping your money hidden from you. Just make sure you hide the pieces before you get caught stealing from yourself. Remember though, stealing is bad karma, especially when it is from yourself. But then again, it was the piggy who started it. Designer: Furf Design Studio