How To Pack A Bedroom For Moving

You’re doing it – you’re moving! Your mind is already swirling with the possibilities your new city, neighbourhood, and home will bring. You need to pack up and move before you can get a fresh start and all that new fun.

Moving can be daunting, especially when you have a lot to pack. Have trouble packing your bedroom? It’s not uncommon. Your bedroom is like an oasis. It’s where you retreat when you’re tired or sick. It’s where you have endless dreams. It can be hard to put all your memories in boxes.

On the other hand, your bedroom might also be chaotic. Over time, you’ve collected clothes, jewelry, knickknacks, and everything. They’re living in your closet, under your bed, on your nightstand – it’s no wonder you’ve procrastinated packing up your bedroom to move.

It’s time to tackle your bedroom. Use these tips from the pros to make the job painless.

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Get Moving Supplies

First, having the right packing and moving supplies before tackling your bedroom will make the task easier. You don’t want to get into a packing rhythm to realize you don’t have the right boxes or enough tape.

Some of the key supplies you’ll need for a bedroom include a variety of moving boxes for trinkets, books, and shoes. You’ll need moving tape and markers to close the boxes.

You’ll also want specialized boxes, including wardrobe boxes for your clothes, a TV box, and a mattress bag. If you have delicate items, bubble wrap is a must-have. Furniture pads and wraps help move dressers, nightstands, and shelving units.

Use Portable Storage Containers

Make your move easier by renting a portable storage container. Once you’ve packed all your boxes, move them into a portable storage container. This will make it easy to move all your stuff in one trip to your updated place.

Alternatively, you can even store items you don’t want to bring in the portable storage container until you’re ready to return to it.

Use a Decluttering Strategy

If the sheer amount of stuff you have accumulated in your bedroom overwhelms you, it’s a smart idea to start by choosing a decluttering strategy to tackle the mess. There are many to choose from, and you’ll find one that works best for your situation.

For example, the Core 4 method suggests going through your bedroom in 4 stages: Clear out, categorize, cut out, and contain. Clear out your closet and other areas and put everything in one pile. Sort your stuff. Then, go through each bin to determine what to throw out and keep.

Alternatively, you can use the Marie Kondo decluttering method to organize your stuff category-by-category and only keep items that spark joy. Maybe the 12-12-12 challenge excites you, wherein you locate 12 items to donate, 12 to throw away, and 12 to pack up for the move. It’s an ideal way to start decluttering if you’re overwhelmed with information on a finite number of items.

Wash And Clean

Your future self will thank you for washing and cleaning items before packing them up. When it comes to linens and clothing, you don’t want to box up stinky, dirty items.

You’ll regret it when you unbox it in your new home, and you’re already too busy unpacking to wash. You’ll be relieved when you can set down your mattress and add fresh sheets to sleep in.

Make A First Night Box

You use your bedroom every evening to sleep. It’s where you charge your phone and earbuds and probably where you find your glasses in the morning. It is likely where you get ready in the morning, too, finding an outfit and makeup or deodorant to wear.

Creating a “first-night” box will ensure all critical items are readily accessible. You’ll be exhausted after a day of moving, and you won’t want to scramble to find your phone charger, pillow, or pyjamas.

Mark this box with bright colours so you can easily find it and prepare for your first night and morning in your new bedroom.

Pack Up Your Clothes

There is a method to packing clothes. You could throw all your clothes in garbage bags to speed up the task. However, you’ll kick yourself for this when you get to your next home.

Instead, pack your clothes with intent. After decluttering all the clothes with rips and tears, donating the clothes that aren’t your style anymore, and doing a load of washing, start packing the clothes that are staying with you in wardrobe boxes.

To prevent wrinkles during moving, these boxes come with a hanging bar. It also means you can avoid taking all your clothes off hangers and putting them back on again – you can store them on their existing hangers in the wardrobe box.

If you have a lot of clothes, consider packing them per season so you can prioritize them as you unpack.

Packing Furniture

Once your clothes, linen, trinkets and electronics are packed, it’s time for the big items. Furniture pieces should be wrapped in moving wrap to protect them from damage. Add furniture pads to the corners to protect them, too.

Dismantle your bed and leave all the screws and tools in a plastic bag taped to the headboard. This will make it easy to reinstall it at your new place. Use moving wrap and pads on the bed frame, too. Slide your mattress into a mattress bag.

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