A Revolutionary Origami Style Kayak For Apartment Dwellers

This origami style kayak is perfect for kayak lovers who live in small spaces without room to store a traditional kayak. Times have certainly changed, and everything from technology to our living quarters seems to be getting smaller. We most certainly appreciate smaller devices to carry with us as we go places, but sometimes at home it doesn’t feel good to be cramped up like sardines just so we have enough room to store all the things we love. And, just because we choose to live in the city, it doesn’t mean we don’t still enjoy the sounds and adventures of nature.

Most cities are certainly expanding and providing us with many places to live vertically, but that only means we have less space for the extra things that take us outside our concrete jungles and into the luscious greens of grass or the open roads that lead us the the open waters which allow us to paddle our way to the feeling of freedom.

In 2008, designer Anton Willis found himself in this very dilemma as he made his move from a small town to a small apartment. From there, he began drawing ideas for a folding Kayak. After Willis was inspired by an article about new advances in the art and science of origami, his sketches turned into many models which led to producing the first 20 full-scale origami style prototypes with the help of co-founder and business strategist, Ardy Sobhani. After dozens of user-tests, they approved the birth of the one-of-a-kind Oru Kayak.

This origami style kayak is a 12-foot long, 25-inches wide, one man folding kayak. This easily compacted kayak folds into its own carrying case so apartment dwellers can easily store it away at home, in the car, or while making the trek to the nearest river, lake or if you dare…ocean. This boat is impressively made from a single sheet of plastic and has 20,000 folds guaranteed over its lifetime. Not only is the Oru Kayak easy to fold, pack and carry to enjoy nature, it is good for the environment we love so much too since it uses 70% less petroleum and is fully recyclable. This revolutionary origami style kayak is strong and sturdy with the ability to hold up to 250lbs. It can be easily assembled in about five minutes.

You can pre-order this origami style Oru Kayak now through Kickstarter, and deliveries will be available in Spring of 2013. Now you can live your life in the city and still house your boat without it being intrusive. It’s unfortunate if you live in a cramped apartment, but at least this way you can have your weekends to escape easily with the Oru Kayak as your sidekick. You can head to the banks of the water and out to the currents of natural peacefulness that can only be found organically within nature.

The Origami Style Kayak

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Via: [Oru Kayak]