10 Sarcastic Ways To Make Infographics Impressive [Infographic]

Infographics are still going strong around the web, and even though you might roll your eyes when you see them over and over, the fact is, infographic articles still get more attention than non-infographic articles. It’s true. Richard discovered this when he did the research to determine the ROI on infographics for one of our original Bit Rebels infographics on Traffic Impact Of Infographics. Maybe you like to make infographics yourself.

As fabulous as infographics can be, there are still a ton of bad ones out there. What I mean by “bad” is that they are often littered with incorrect information, poor design, spelling mistakes, etc. Statistics show that people ten to trust the information on an infographic more than the same information typed in plain text. However, just because someone put it in a visual format, it doesn’t mean it’s “more true.” Remember to look at the sources listed or make sure they infographic explains where the information came from. Some people make infographics that are a bit sketchy, and you’ve probably seen those once or twice.

Unfortunately, all the bad infographics out there bring down the credibility of all the good ones. That’s okay though, it just means we have to work harder to make infographics that are high quality and that stand out in the crowd. The designers over at Neo Mammalian Studios created this infographic below called 10 Ways To Make Your Infographic Totally Awesome. According to their website, “It’s our sarcastic tribute to those infographic designers who insist on doing it wrong…repeatedly and unashamedly.”

If you want to make infographics that people love, just remember you do not need to check your facts or proofread. As a matter of fact, for better results, go ahead and stretch the truth. For even more social media shares, you could copy and paste from someone else’s blog post or infographic. This infographic below will definitely give you your morning giggle. As always, if you see a quality infographic somewhere online or if you make infographics yourself that you think our readers would like, please send it to us (my email address is below).

Make Infographics Awesome

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Via: [visual.ly]