The Magical Miniature World Of Paper Rolls

Just when you thought you had seen everything there is, something always comes along that will rival all your inspiration and push it even further. Not only is it inspiring to see people that truly create something beautiful, but when they do it by using something that has been recycled, it’s a whole different thing. We’ve covered a lot of different art approaches here on Bit Rebels, and I tell you, it’s never easy knowing exactly what category everything should fit in.

What is art really? I consider art to be anything that is meant to move me and inspire me. The material, object or approach doesn’t really matter to me as long as it is created with the intention to pull you into its own world. And that’s something that is easier said than done. How do you come up with an idea that will make a lot of people mesmerized by the angles, lines and colors? Well, that is left for each artist to discover.

And discovering exactly what that is all about is precisely what Anastassia Elias has done. She created something as magical and inspirational as a world within a paper roll. Adding a little light on this miniature world inserted into a paper roll makes it come alive. Not only is it a silhouette of a flattened world, but it’s also a world full of possibilities and stories that could be told for ages and ages.

And, the worlds are vast! On Anastassia’s Behance website gallery, you will find a myriad of creations fit into the core of a toilette paper roll. It’s really amazing watching how she puts it all together. With just the right elements inserted into the paper tube, she manages to create worlds upon worlds with everyday magical scenarios that will have you dazzled for hours at end. It’s immensely inspirational!

Busy Street Paper Roll Tube

Hair Dresser Paper Roll Tube

Wild Life Paper Roll Tube

Birds Nature Paper Roll Tube

Animals Joint paper Roll Tubes

People Line Paper Roll Tube

Boxing Champions Paper Roll Tube

Painting Wall paper Roll Tube

Fishing Man paper Roll Tube

Dancing People Paper Roll Tube