Shark Costume For Your Beer Bottle: The Koozie With Attitude

Gone are the days when everyone at a party has to walk around carrying the same boring beer bottles. There are tons of ways you can personalize your beer to match your personality. Just like we customize our smartphones, we can now customize our beer bottles. You can choose to do it in all kinds of different ways. Some people decide use a belt buckle beer holder to show some personality, others decide to hide their beer under a big beer beard, and others put little Space Invaders stickers on their bottles. The choice is yours. If you really want to get creative, you could even get your beer its own shark costume.

This adorably ferocious beer bottle shark costume is a koozie with attitude. It was handmade by Etsy seller HandaMade. She only made one of these, and it’s for sale now in her shop for $20. She will make more though, and you can even order one in whatever color your beer bottle prefers. This shark apparently plays hockey, but if I were to order one, he’d play football.

When you check out HandaMade’s Etsy store, you’ll see all kinds of knit koozies, including shark costumes for beer cans (or soda cans) if you prefer cans instead of bottles. If you have a beer lover in your life, this would make a perfect gift for just about any occasion throughout the year. It’s even something you could order for yourself.

So the next time you’re at a party or get together with friends and everyone is holding the same beer bottle as everyone else, maybe you can bust out with this shark costume for your beer. I guarantee you, it will make all the other beer bottles jealous. I mean, it’s not every day that you see a beer bottle dressed up as a shark.

The Shark Costume For Your Beer Bottle

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