A Show-Stopping Presentation Each And Every Time – Just Follow These Tips

There are numerous times when we’re asked to give a presentation at work. It might be at an annual event, it might be for an important meeting, or it can also be for a workshop that you’re heading.

Whatever the reason is, it can be challenging trying to escape public speaking or create a presentation. Becoming a confident speaker with a killer presentation takes practice and preparation. Follow these steps below for a show-stopping presentation every time you’re asked to present.

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Tell A Story

Obviously, you need to impress your audience, even if your subject matter is business-related. An excellent presenter will be able to tell a story through their presentation and captivate their audience.

Professional presentation trainers at Slide Heroes believe that business presentations are a way to tell your story, and it’s vital that you learn how to write, design, and deliver impactful presentations. The most successful are the ones that have a strong message and a story to tell. By including stories into it, you’ll be able to intrigue, inspire, and persuade your audience.

You need to be able to write a presentation with storytelling techniques that are engaging, informative, support your data and rounds up your main points. Plan your ‘story’ beforehand in a logical manner as well as establishes harmonious connections in between your main points.

Plan And Structure Your Presentation

Any presentation needs structure and planning to deliver its message. An excellent one knows how to move between facts and stories and make connections. Use these tips below to structure your presentation efficiently:

  • Start off by painting a word picture regarding the nature or realities of a specific situation. Then, lead in with what it could be like if the subject matter of your presentation was included. Alternate between what the current situation is like and what it could be to let your message sink in.
  • Explain the roadmap, the goals, and the necessary steps needed to reach the end result of what you’re presenting about. The whole purpose here is to teach new angles and perspectives as well as inform your audience of a new plan, a new business process, or even a solution to a problem.
  • We all heard about ‘the pitch’ in a presentation, and that is basically leading them to your hook; you’re showing your audience how the current situation affects them and what is needed to enhance it. When you show them the added benefits, you’ll be able to get your message across. Consider your ‘pitch’ to be like a story where the hero has a problem that needs to be fixed.

Design Your Presentation

Now that you have prepared the topic at hand, you need to design it in a visually creative way that won’t bore your audience. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘death by PowerPoint presentations.’ Try to avoid that by creating a show-stopping and interactive presentation. Follow these tips below to make your PPT more interesting:

  • Follow the 10-20-30 rule. Many business professionals believe that an engaging presentation should have no more than ten slides; your presentation should only last for 20 minutes and have the text not less than 30 point font. You can also follow the 20-20 rule, which means you have 20 slides, but you speak for 20 seconds on each slide.
  • Include a video or multimedia content; many people’s attention spans have decreased over time. So, when you include a couple of short videos, you’ll be able to engage them and shake up your presentation.
  • Don’t put too much on your slide as this will distract your audience; they won’t be listening to you as much as they’re attempting to read what’s on the slide.
  • Don’t write paragraphs, but use bullet points or graphs instead. Your slides should reinforce what you’re trying to say by illustrating your points.
  • Use the presentation program’s design tools and create one that is interesting, flashy but professional, clean, and neat. Try not to clutter and use images sparingly.

Enhance Your Presentation Style

A large part of your presentation is how you deliver it, not just your slides. You need to be able to reel in your audience, captivate them, and have them hanging onto your every word. To do that, you can’t just ‘wing’ it, but you need to practice, practice, and practice, even more, to make sure it is excellent. Brush up your PPT skills with these tips:

  • This is a no brainer, but you shouldn’t really be standing up there reading the points of your slide; this is a recipe for disaster. Prepare your key speech points beforehand, and use the slides or your notes as a reference, not something you read out loud. Make sure that you familiarize yourself completely with the subject matter and prepare your speech.
  • Don’t use a lot of gestures and make sure you don’t speak in a monotonous tone. Keep it light and entertaining. Make eye contact and speak at average speed, not too fast and not too slow.
  • Make your presentations short, concise but informative, and to the point. This way, you won’t bore your audience.
  • Get rid of stage fright or fear of public speaking by practicing your presentation beforehand to a friend or a family member. This way, it helps you focus on delivering your message, and not your fear. Take a few breaths before you start and remember that you and the audience share the same goal.
  • Make sure you involve the audience in your presentation. You can include a group activity, ask them questions, or allow them to ask you questions at the end of your presentation. This way, you’re ensuring that your message is getting across and you’re engaging them in a conversation, not a one-sided one.

Creating a killer presentation can be very tricky, but it’s manageable if you prepare. Establish a dynamic presentation by using the tips mentioned above, and you’ll be smooth sailing. Promote a great learning experience within it, tell your story, and engage your audience; at the end of the day, your message is what matters.

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