iPhone Accessorizes A Portable Wooden Mini Speaker!

Are you tired of all of those plastic iPhone or iPod docks that keep coming out in white and that make your whole house look like it was made out of plastic? Well, if you are a plastic hater and can’t stand the look of glossy white plastic even if your life depended on it, there are other alternatives. A dock; however, isn’t exactly the most portable of devices to take with you when you want to get out of the office for a second to get some sun or just a breath of fresh air. They are usually very bulky and sport a lot of different cables to get power and to enable the speakers to be disconnected.

However, now there is a better solution for your portable life. And, this time, it does not come in an Apple flavored futuristic design. As a matter of fact, it brings us back to mother earth and what she has to offer. The solution is named Motz Tiny Wooden Power Speaker, and it will make your iPhone sound confident and truly ingenuous.

Charging time is just around 3 hours, and you’ll be able to use your iPhone USB cable to connect to it. However, if you’d rather just have the speaker with you, it has a SD Memory Card slot on which you can store your music. It will give you a whole 5 hours of portable music, and if you are using headphones with the speaker, you will be able to crank out 10 hours. The speaker sells for $59.99 over at Pyramid Distribution.