Skateboard Skulls: Creative, Creepy & Effective Marketing

What do you do when you want to promote your skate store in a unique way that is cheap, good for the environment and that will make customers practically come running to you? Well, you do what designer Beto Janz did of course!

He carved scary-as-hell skulls out of broken, discarded skateboards, applied stickers with the store information onto each one like a business card, and then left them all over town in Curitiba, Brazil.

As you can see in the pictures below, the decks themselves have a lot of character. They are rough looking, busted up, feathered pieces of wood, and that all works well into Beto’s brilliant plan. As a result, each one is inherently unique, and ultimately creepy looking. Although I wouldn’t want one of these in my house since I have no doubt they would give me nightmares, I think it’s an example of insanely effective marketing and advertising. Since they are left basically on the streets, anyone that finds them gets to keep them. Nice! I wonder if there is a way to track exactly how much additional business the Ultra Skate Store in Curitiba has received as a result of this effort. I would be very curious to know! You can check out more pictures of this project here.

[via Design You Trust]