Recycled Skateboard Art | Unbelievably Creative!

I recently wrote and article about “Hand Carved Skateboards” and it was one of the weirder things presented her on Bit Rebels. Well, I think I have one that might beat that by a few scales, at least. Again about skateboards, but this time with a different touch on it. Sometimes, if you’re a professional skateboarder, you are going to break that board of yours in half or possibly into a thousand pieces. It’s no getting around it. After all they are all made out of layers wood.

So what do you do when that happens? Yeah, of course you would buy a new one, but besides that. What the guys behind this very creative art form came up with might surprise you. They took the pieces from the broken skateboards and layered it up again. With the re-layered skateboards they then created art in whatever sizes and forms they could come up with. And let me tell you, it looks awesome!

Currently the alster is on display on the “The Skate and Destroy Sculpture Exhibit” and is a hit without being modest. The creations are nothing less than breathtaking and you can only imagine the amount of work that has been put into creating these objects. Just to layer them correctly to form what they want before they start manipulating that wood forming whatever they are looking to form. Ridiculous really.