Sketch and Share with Friends

Sketching is fun. It’s a great way to showcase your creativity or if not, a cool way to practice or even have your ideas come alive through images that you feel will bring out what you have in mind.   Great that there are a lot of new tools one can use online to showcase such talent.  Found this new site called SketchFu.  Here you sign up and then start sketching.  A window will allow you to draw lines, color, shapes etc.  Save it and then share it.  Other people on the site can comment as well as vote for your particular submission.

What is cool here is that after you have saved your sketch, you can actually view it progress from the first line you drew up to the finish product.  All one needs to really do is register and then start doodling.  Head on to their site and try it for yourself.  I am sure that after you check out the gallery you will certainly get inspired.


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