Sleeveface: Album Covers Are Popular Once Again [10 Pics]

I have to admit, I’m getting kinda sick of the planking, owling, cone-ing, horsemaning and now batmanning trends. I’m coming to realize that nothing can be as good as the original, which in my opinion is sleevefacing. You’ve probably seen different examples of sleeveface over the years, but maybe not realized what it’s called. I know I have.

DJ Carl Morris is usually given credit for creating the term “sleeveface” after he and his friends published some pictures of them holding up record albums (sleeves) to their faces in a bar (while DJing) in 2007. There is also evidence of this photography style online from back in 2006, but at that time, it didn’t have a name. Since then, it’s slowly grown in popularity. This phase, unlike the other trends that come and go, is apparently here to stay, at least for a while.

Lately, we’ve seen a similar style of photography where people hold up pictures from the past in the same place as they were taken, but in the present, if that makes sense. You can check that out at A Past Picture Collides With A Current View. Again, it all centers around creating an environment where the past and the present all blend together to create an interesting visual.

Sleevefacing is specifically about doing this with album covers though, and I think it’s fun to see them becoming popular again. It kinda makes me want to go to the record store in Little Five Points here in Atlanta to look at all the old albums. Not only are they beautiful nostalgic art pieces, but they smell good too. I went to Sleeveface and selected 10 pictures to share with you today. You can also check out this sleeveface flckr group which has almost 2,500 members and over 4,000 photos!

Album Cover on Face Sleeveface

Heart Sleeveface Record Cover

Album Covers On Faces Sleevefaces

Sleeveface Pictures The Judds

Fonz Happy Days Album Faces

Elton John Album Faces

Sleevefacing Records On Faces

David Bowie Record Cover Faces

New Trend Of Sleevefacing

Alicia Keys Dog Picture