Sneak Peak | New Adobe Photoshop CS5 Technologies

Are you working as a designer and using the CS4 series from Adobe? Well if you just got it and still feel it doesn’t measure up to your standards and want even more awesome features the this post is just what you have been waiting for. When I first saw this clip I was stunned. I couldn’t believe how many new cool things they are packing in the next version of the awesome image processing software Photoshop. With a slew of new technologies one starts to wonder where this software is heading next. I mean, it basically uses the 3D  technology already and with these new things coming I am just wondering when we’ll be using this instead of Lightwave, 3D Max or even Maya. Photoshop CS5 is just the shizzle.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have everything in one place. Why not pack Illustrator, After Effects and Maya all in the same software. Maybe it would get too cramped but hey I would so want to be able to work on my textures while having my 3d model mesh right there in front of me without having to have 2 software’s open. Imagine the release of RAM that would enable. Yeah I know, it would still take a lot of RAM to run such a software but as the computers get stronger and stronger I think this would not be a problem. After all RAM is cheap and computers are as well. Well, sort of.

So, watch this awesome short clip of what’s packed inside the up-coming CS5 and you’ll be amazed. Imagine the possabilities. Imagine the creativity you could release with such a software. The only thing I am afraid of is…will people make me do the polka now when they can? Yikes! Enjoy!