Sneaker Design: Design And Sell Your Own Sneakers!

Postcards, t-shirts, sketchbooks, photo albums and tons of other things are available for you to design yourself and sell. It is made possible through a slew of different online services that also host your online store for a small fee. The creativity is really all yours and having some skills using Photoshop and Illustrator will take you a long way. As a matter of fact, it’s all you really need in order to design your own stuff.

However, until recently, there was one apparel item that hasn’t been in the lineup for you until now, thanks to Zazzle. Yup, sneakers! Now you can design your own sneakers with the ill designs you feel work for you and/or everyone else. Sport a pair of those one of kind sneakers, and you will kick it cool in the club and on the street for sure.

Zazzle recently teamed up with Keds to allow their community to design and sell hi-tops, lo-tops or slip-ons. The prices range from $50-$65 and you will be able to sell them through Keds Collective which is a respected and edgy website.

Revive that 80’s style you’ve been longing for again, or why not slap a label on that shoe showing off your brand’s latest designs? You’d be the talk of the town and people will always know what you have been up to in the design studio. Really, the creativity is all yours. So, don’t sit around. Use those feet for what they are supposed to used for. Get up and get moving!