Soaphenge: The Cleaner Version Of Stonehenge

So where does art begin and end? That’s a monumental question, and as I ask it out loud to myself, I am not sure it is to be answered, at least not by me. I appreciate art in all its forms and sizes, so much so that I regularly visit exhibitions and art galleries around Stockholm whenever I get a chance. If I don’t have the time, I glance through the window to get a brief glimpse of the pieces on display for the week. Sure, I have to admit that I am not in any way on a level where I could tell the difference between a pragmatic and an juxtaposition art piece, but then again, if I were to enjoy art in that vocabulary I wouldn’t be sitting here writing articles about geek, technology and design. Art comes in so many more easier to understand forms and sizes that most of us don’t have to feel lost as soon as we enter the domain of an art gallery.

In an exhibition in Orlando, Florida it’s evident that an art piece can be much more playful and “clean” than you might have imagined. reDiscover (sounds like an ad for American Express or something) held this celebrated exhibition, and in it, you could find a piece called the Soaphenge. It is exactly what you imagine it to be, no more, no less. It is Stonehenge recreated in family and personal-sized soap bars.

I wish I had been able to attend this event since I think I would have had some kind of understanding of it for once. I mean, how could someone pass up the opportunity to say “This is such a CLEAN installation.” Well, maybe next time I’ll get my chance to be an art critique. But then again, there are so many people out there that do the job way better. I think I’ll just leave it to them.

Via: [reDiscover]