Spice Up Your Video Chatting With Creative Backdrops

I don’t video chat often, but I still use my Skype a lot. Since I’m usually in my pajamas with my hair in a ponytail when I Skype, it’s much easier to skip the whole video part of it if you know what I mean. If I had a fun backdrop like this to entertain the person I was talking to though, I might change my mind and start using the video feature more.

Just think about it, no longer would we have to worry about the mess in the background. Instead, our friends would see us in a very special place like the beach, a busy office, the land of zombies or even a nightclub. There are a total of ten different backdrop designs to choose from.

The image is reversible, so if you are anticipating a boring call, you could even set it on the boring blue background. The elastic strap simply secures it to your desk chair. If I liked to video chat, this would definitely be a must-have accessory. It would be fun if we had the option to customize this. The more I look it (it’s made out of nylon), I bet this would be easy to make with a custom social media background. If you’d like to purchase one, you can buy it on SkyMall for 30 bucks.

Backdrop For Video Calls

Skype Call Desk Backdrop Images

Skype Call Video Background Image

Skype Call Background Image

Video Call Desk Background Images

Skype Desk Background Images

Skype Background Desk Images

Via: [Nuclear Toast]