OMG Moment – Ultra Realistic Hair Drawings

Every time I see something really beautiful drawn on paper, I get that feeling of amazement. It must have taken an eternity for someone to become so talented at something like this. There is so much refinement involved in drawing, and I think we sometimes forget how much time goes into these pieces of art. Meticulously drawn sketches and finalized artwork can take up to an entire career for some artists, and it would be plain wrong to oversee their many attempts on the road to perfection.

For example, “simple” drawings like the Mona Lisa have gotten so much attention that it’s almost impossible to get a glimpse of the real painting. It’s widely known that the museum now carrying this painting more often than not showcases a flawless copy of the original to make sure it doesn’t get worn or destroyed by the such things as air and other particles.

Well, I think I can share with you something that at least took a lot longer to draw and has far more detail than anything that Leonardo Da Vinci ever painted. I think that when you have seen the artwork drawn by artist Hong Chun Zhang you will agree with me. I am certain of it.

The time consuming art that he represents must surely be a one of a kind endeavor since it must take the patience of a titan to finish each hair just the way it’s supposed to fall. It’s not enough to just draw a hair and be done with it. The gravity and texture of the hair determines the “fall” of it, and it’s a whole mathematical process to get each hair to fall just right in order for it to look realistic and believable. Hmm, and I can’t even draw a wireframe without getting a bit restless…