Spot Color | Adding Nostalgia to Your Photos

Everyone has his or her own way of sharing memories with people in their life like friends and family. The best way of course is through photos. We take so many pictures to make sure that we chronicle the special moments of our lives. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, parents share baby’s first steps, etc… We want our pictures to be the best ones so that we can look back and reminisce.

There are so many ways for you to create drama and effects on your photos. One good effect that you can incorporate is nostalgia, and you can achieve that by making use of spot color. I have put together some pictures that I felt added nostalgia with the use of a spot coloring technique. You can really see the difference.  You can choose a color that you feel is appropriate, and then make use of that color to highlight certain elements in your photo.

Here are some links about spot coloring and how you can achieve this effect. I hope they help!

How to Create a Spot Color Digital Image

How to Make Photoshop Spot Color Channels

How To Create Spot Color in Photographs

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A Kiss

Sacro Relax


Spot Color

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