Star Wars Inspired Animal Wars Illustration

I love the original Star Wars poster that inspired this illustration. In fact, I have it up on the wall right behind me, so normally I wouldn’t really like the idea of anyone changing it. Then I saw this amazing tribute, created by the Spanish design team Nomade, and instantly I changed my mind.

I love the way they have faithfully recreated the composition of the original poster, yet put their own spin on every single element, most noticeably by replacing the original cast with a collection of animals. Every time I look at it, I notice some extra little details, like Darth Vader’s walrus tusks or R2-D2 with cute little mouse ears.

Nomade has done an amazing job, and I would love to have this up on my wall alongside its inspiration. The illustration was created for Animal Glam’s exhibition at Piel de Gallina, Mallorca as a tribute to the original poster for the first Star Wars movie. I put them next to each other below so you could see the original poster and the recreated one. In the third illustration, you can really see the detail that has gone into this. You can find out more about Nomade and see more of their work here.

Star Wars Inspired Animal Art

First Star Wars Movie Poster

Close Up Of Illustration

Via: [Behance] Image Credit: [NOMADE]