Star Wars Steampunk: How Star Wars Should Have Been?

It seems we have a steampunk theme today, but that’s not really the truth.  We have just struck a goldmine of awesome steampunk stuff, and we couldn’t keep from sharing it with you.  The more I see of the whole steampunk community, the more I like it.  I wasn’t very fond of the the whole thing a few years ago, but it has grown on me, and today I get held up every time I see something I haven’t seen before.  As a matter of fact, I get totally immersed in the thing and need to find every detail of it before I can move onto something more productively profitable.

Steampunk usually comes in the form of great customized gear or gadgets that before held a more current look, but were to some extent Victorianized too look old and detailed.  As we all know, the manufacturers and industrial designers of today usually go for a future, clean and seamless look instead of really adding a personality to their products.  It comes as no surprise that Star Wars would one day become the victim of the awesome steampunk customization, but it doesn’t come in the form you might have foreseen.  Instead of creating cosplay costumes that were brought into the steampunk age, Bjorn Hurri instead took his awesome drawing skills and went to work.

The result is nothing less than something you feel you have wanted to see for a long time.  The drawings portray Star Wars as it probably should have been.  Or, maybe it’s just the bored creative soul within me that is speaking right now, after all, I have seen Star Wars more times than I can remember.  So maybe this approach would have been more enjoyable today.  These images surely strike a string on the chord of awesomeness.  They are brilliantly executed and ultimately inspirational.  My question is, when are we going to see The Lord of The Rings in an all steampunk version?

Boba Fett Steampunk Victorian Drawing

Yoda Sitting On Steampunk Chair

Stormtrooper Steampunk Body Armor Costume

Princess Leia Steampunk Costume Drawing

C-3PO Steampunk Golden Robot Drawing

Star Wars Steampunk Victorian Drawing