Star Wars Tattoo Inspired By Salvador Dali

When it comes to tattoos, I am a sucker for art that means something. I don’t mean that it depends on the motifs or anything like that, but if the tattoo symbolizes something, I am more interested in learning about that than the tattoo itself, if you know what I mean. A lot of people get tattoos to mark an ending or a beginning of something in their lives. The tattoo is something that reminds them that something new is about to start and they are leaving something else behind. Of course, tattoos vary in size, color and even style, so what each individual person gets is entirely up to him or her. That’s what I like about it all. It easily gets addicting though, so be careful what you get and how often or your entire canvas, your body, will run out in no time at all.

The first decision you are faced with, besides deciding whether to get a tattoo or not, is what you will permanently put on your skin or what motif so to speak. It can be as hard of a choice as any, but when you have decided, it’s something that you look forward to getting. So what motifs can a geek get? Plenty would be my answer to that question. It’s all about how you want to use that canvas of yours. Take this Star Wars fan for example.

It’s a Star Wars tattoo inspired by Salvador Dali. It’s conceptualized and inked by deviantART artist Graynd, and it has to be one of the most epic and weird tattoos that has to do with Star Wars, ever. The way the AT-AT is portrayed and the melty ice cream feature that Salvador is famous for is flawlessly incorporated, and it gives the tattoo a super unique look and feel to it. Sure, you might not want to get a piece like this on your first run-in with the ink needle, but you have to agree that this badboy tattoo is truly kicking butt. I mean, it’s Star Wars mashed up with Salvador Dali. Weird meets awesome so to speak.


Via: [Geekologie]