Stunning Photography Series – Kiss Me Deadly

I wouldn’t say that I am a professional photographer, but I enjoy it and try to pick up new and advanced ideas whenever I have time for it. It’s a great feeling capturing something that looks quite mundane in real life but as a picture looks stunning and inspiring. Photography is an art just like anything else that has to do with visuals with the one exception, it’s done with different tools than painting or designing for example.

I was highly impressed when I stumbled over Milad Sahafzadeh’s fantastic photography series “Kiss Me Deadly“. It’s one of those series that you just know a lot of thought has gone into. The images are nothing but stunning and the concept idea in itself is on the edge of gross, however wonderfully captured.

For some reason, I have always been drawn to the exact colors that are present in these photos. It leaves me with a very soothing feeling when I look at these pictures. The editing of these photos is beyond awesome in my humble opinion and the details are just brilliant. I, for one, am definitely going to check out more from Milad Sahafzadeh’s photo series. It’s such an inspiration resource, and I am sure the next one and the one after that will be nothing less than even more amazing.