Stunning Sunrise Photos for Your Enjoyment

There are occasions where I get to see the sunrise, and it always takes my breath away. There are days when I am still working, and I see the sun come up or I really make it a point to wake up early just to catch a glimpse of the beautiful morning about to begin. I particularly love it when you see the sun just peeking out from the horizon.

If you happen to have visited my country, the Philippines, we have some of the best views, especially if you are on the beach. The sunrise is an awesome view even in the city. I believe that being a country composed of 7,100 islands has that benefit. I have lived in the city all my life, and when I was younger, my mom and dad would take us to Manila Bay to watch the sunrise and breathe the fresh sea air.

I gathered some photos that reminded me of the past. I just love it that even nature can paint beautiful colors. Thank you to the talented photographers that captured the moments for our enjoyment.

Main Image – Skim Boarder Moment

Image Source – Sunrise Sunbeam

Image Source –  October Sunrise

Image Source – Beginning

Image Source – The Magic Hour

Image Source – The Blue Hour

Image Source – Molave Skyline