Super Mario Bento Box Tutorial: Surprise Your Sweetie With Lunch

Colorful bento boxes have gotten so popular over the past several years, but have you ever wondered how those food artists put together those elaborate bento boxes with the shapes and designs that look just characters we all recognize? I have. I’ve wanted to try it firsthand so many times, but I never knew where to start.

A while back I wrote about a LEGO Bento Box that a loving wife made for her husband, and she even included a tutorial, but when I looked at it closely I knew there was no way mine would turn out even remotely like that. However, I have new hope that I can learn how to make a bento box now that I’ve watched this Super Mario Bros. bento box tutorial by minicuteclub.

She goes through the process so easily, and now I think almost anyone can make one of these. She colors the rice with condiments (like ketchup) and molds it with the help of plastic wrap. When you see how she makes the Mario mushroom so easily, well, all I can say is wow. Since it will require a lot of shopping for very specific ingredients and a ton of patience, I think overall it is a very time consuming process. However, just remember that creating a bento box isn’t supposed to be fast. It’s about creating a temporary work of art that will be appreciated and enjoyed by whoever is the lucky recipient.

If you want to make a bento box, and if you are a bento beginner too, this Super Mario design might be a good place to start. As long as you’re making one, might I suggest you just double the ingredients and make lunch for two instead! If you want to see another bento box that might be a little morbid to eat, click over to The Scariest Bento Lunch Box Of All Time.

Super Mario Bento Box Tutorial

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