The Anatomy Of A Perfect Website [Infographic]

There are a million pieces of advice out there about how to make the perfect, best, most awesome, or whatever you want to call it, website. However, there really is no magical formula for how to create the perfect website. History has proven that it’s more important to innovate than to copy, and that is exactly what I suggest you do when you create your place on the web. The way you design, code or network should be from your own perspective and not because you followed a lot of different rules and hidden regulations. You’d be surprised how many people will like you for who you are and not for what you are doing. That’s where the important lesson lies. You have to design from your own perspective of things.

Of course, there are statistics that prove that some ways are better than others as far as optimization and visibility. Those are the true guiding lights to listen to, but do it your own way. R.O.I. Media put together a brilliant infographic of some data that you should be incorporating into your perspective when you design or code your website. This is sound advice, and if you decide to put it into place, you are most likely looking at a better response when people visit your website.

The data that is presented in this infographic is constantly changing, and you’ll do good by not focusing too much on the actual numbers, but instead on the overall perspective and hints of where things are heading. You’ll be surprised what you will find when you start putting two and two together and reading between the lines when it comes to infographics. These visual beacons are usually more than meets the eye. You just have to let your mind see the trends.

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Anatomy Of A Perfect Website

Via: [Cool Infographics]