The Anger Management Solution In a Vending Machine

On the surface, vending machines may seem boring, but over the past several years there have been quite a few changes with them. First of all, the first touchscreen vending machines were introduced last summer. Now you can read the nutritional information, flip the product around and look at it, scroll, etc… with the touch of the screen.

Next, we’ve seen people get a lot more creative with what is offered in a vending machine. Back when I was a little girl, you could only get soda pop and snacks. I remember when it became popular to buy bottled water from a vending machine, but now, you can get almost anything from those machines.

For example, outside the market that I visit often in Atlanta, there is a Netflix vending machine where you can rent and return movies. There is almost always a line of people waiting in front of it when I’m there. We’ve even written about some new foods offered in vending machines now. Did you know you can purchase live crab from a vending machine? How about a vending machine that offers every flavor of pop-tarts? Well, here is a new kind of non-traditional vending machine to add to our ever-growing list. This one is called the Anger Release Machine, and it’s designed by Ronnie Yarisal and Katja Kublitz.

It is filled with very fragile porcelain and glass figurines, plates, bowls and vases. You guessed it! If you get really angry, just go to this vending machine, choose the breakable object that fits your fancy and after you reach it out, smash it on the ground as hard as you can. It will help you not be angry anymore. I’m assuming this machine has a soft padding in the bottom so that the dishes don’t break when they fall for you to reach out. I’ve never tried the “throwing plates” method of anger management, but I hear it works well. This is just kooky enough that if I saw it, I might buy a plate to smash. However, I wouldn’t do it out of being angry, I would just do it for the fun of it!