The Art of Leaf Carving

For some artists, wood, stone or clay are not the only medium to use when creating a unique piece of art.  I admire people who take the time to discover different ways in which to showcase their creativity.

You would not think that a leaf can be one such medium considering carving is tough already as it is.  I tried it (wood carving)  in college and man was it hard.  It takes so much precision and imagination to make an inanimate object come alive.

The art of leaf carving involves no printing or painting.  Natural leaf carving is actual manual cutting and removal of a leaf’s surface to produce an artwork on a leaf.  What the artist does is use a tool to carefully remove portions of the leaf without cutting the veins.  The most common leaf used is that which comes from the Chinar Tree.

Check out the various designs that were created.  Amazing!  I found them truly awesome, the detail and the craftsmanship are remarkable considering the delicate nature of the leaf.