The Cartoonist At Work!

Ever wondered how the cartoonist starts his work day?  Here is a great video a look into a day in the life of Wilfred Hildonen. He is a newspaper illustrator from Norway.  Here he shows us his typical day at work.  He starts off by reading the story of the article he needs to make a cartoon on.  Then he proceeds with the actual drawing.  He uses various tools.  The pencil, the ink and the brush.

What caught my attention was the way he works on both paper and he says he also at times does his illustration in photoshop or illustrator.  He says that even if he had the computer programs at his disposal, he still loves working manually.  He says he loves the feel of paper.  Totally love that remark.  I feel that whether we choose to use computer programs that are readily available now or the old method of pen and ink,  our passion and desire to show and create is very important.  Wilfred shows his passion by sharing many of the techniques that he employs via his you tube channel.  Check out the video and see the cartoonist at work.