The Cocktail Dress Made From 14,325 Woven Rubber Bands

I love it when art and fashion collide because you know it’s always going to be interesting. We’ve featured everything from dresses made out of food to LED lights, and every time, we are creatively inspired by the artists and their vision.

Margarita Mileva, an artist already known for the fabulous rubber band jewelry that she creates, has now designed what could be, in my opinion, her most spectacular creation to date. It is a dress made completely out of rubber bands. There are 14,325 different colors and sizes of rubber bands on this dress!

Margarita used the same techniques she learned by making her jewelry to create this dress. She wove each one of the rubber bands into this fabulous design by hand. Wow, talk about a labor of love! Both of Margarita’s parents were artists, so she grew up in a household where people have a vision and go for it, regardless of the work involved, so I’m not surprised she could complete such a masterpiece. You can read more about the details of this project, her inspiration and why she did it in this fun article on Ecouterre. You can also learn more about Margarita on her Etsy page.

[via Ecouterre]