The Glass-Floored Bathroom Built Over 15-Story Elevator Shaft

I’ve heard of people needing some quality entertainment while growling out a big one, but this is in-freaking-sane. You know what the funniest part to me is? It would have been great to see a picture of what it looked like from standing directly on the glass floor itself and looking down, right? It made me giggle that even the photographer who took these pictures wasn’t brave enough to get that shot.

This bathroom, which is built over a 15-story elevator shaft, is part of a penthouse apartment in Guadalajara, Mexico designed by Hernadez Silva. You might ask… Why? This space was originally intended for the apartment’s second elevator, but then the designer decided it would a much cooler use of space to make a glass-floored bathroom instead. If you want to see some of the other incredible rooms in this apartment, you can click over to this article on hypervocal.

You can see that no detail was overlooked, and even the lighting on the elevator shaft walls adds to the ambiance. I wonder if anyone ever hangs out at the bottom of the elevator shaft. If so, I suppose you’d be giving them a peep show every time you’re in there. Who cares though, right? I think it would be fun, well, that is if I could get the nerve to walk in there the first time. Can you imagine if someone really heavy went in there and accidentally broke the glass? Nah, on second thought, don’t imagine that.




Via: [Geekologie] [Obvious Winner]