The Invaders: Impressive Space Invaders 8-Bit Mosaic Portrait

I don’t think I can walk up to an old school arcade game without wanting to have it. I am one of the unfortunate ones who does not have my own epic Space Invaders arcade game in my office or home. My best friend has one, and she is an epic player. I would ask her to send me a screenshot of her high score so I can try to beat it on my iPhone or maybe even on my computer, but I am afraid I will be too jealous of her and I’ll end up selling my kidney or something to get one of my own. The Space Invaders game is one of the most legendary creations when it comes to arcade gaming, and pretty much everyone knows about it. A lot of people from the older computer generation who have played it a couple of times know how addicting it is.

There is an artful side to Space Invaders as well, and we have seen a few examples of that here at Bit Rebels. However, nothing comes close to the art that Charis Tsevis managed to put together. It’s an intricate mosaic portrait that only involves Space Invaders game characters. Not only is it based upon them, it’s done in full graced 8-bit style as well. The mosaic is massive in scale, and I can imagine it took Charis a very long time to put this portrait together.

Ever since I first started seeing these mosaic images (I can’t really recall what the first one was about though), I always get intensely inspired to be creative. I can imagine it will take some time before I will even see my schedule opening up for this kind of creativity, but it gives me energy to just… do, if you know what I mean. I like the 8-bit style, and the colorful spectrum Charis has been able to complete. I guess we will add this one to the epic mosaic box where we can also find mosaics of Bill Gates, the Apple logo, and of course, Steve Jobs just to mention a few.

The Space Invaders 8-Bit Portrait

The Space Invaders 8-Bit Portrait

The Space Invaders 8-Bit Portrait

Via: [UFunk – French]