The Last Breakfast Illustration: Offensive or Creative?

Breakfast cereal is a big deal here in the States. When I’ve had friends from other countries visit, they are always blown away by how many cereals are in our stores. If you live here, you know there are tons of them. I’ve always been a fan of cereal, but I probably don’t like it as much as Robb Posch who poured milk on anything he could find in his kitchen to see if he could turn it into a cereal, but that’s a different article.

Brian Stuckey also loves breakfast cereal. He spent 3 months creating this illustration called The Last Breakfast. It features many of the cereal characters we grew up with at a table in a style similar to The Last Supper (the 15th century painting by Leonardo da Vinci).

Is this considered religious satire? Is this offensive? I can’t decide. As you see, he selected Captain Crunch to be in the Christ position at the table. I also see Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes, the rabbit from Trix, the leprechaun from Lucky Charms, Toucan Sam from Froot Loops, Count Chocula and the little Boo-Berry guy. I think that’s the frog from Sugar Smacks on the end, but I’m not sure about that one. I also hear that Snap from Rice Krispies is in this, but I can’t seem to find him. If you are such a huge fan of cereal that your dream is to look at these guys on a more permanent basis, you might be interested in purchasing a hand signed print off Etsy for $30. Or, for about $4, you can go buy a box of your favorite cereal today instead.

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Religious Satire Last Breakfast Drawing

Via: [Popped Culture]