The Magic Of This Art Transformed Sadness Into Happiness!

Before I moved to Atlanta years ago, I lived for a brief time in Charleston, South Carolina. In Charleston, there is a historical street called Rainbow Row where all the houses are painted different pretty pastel colors. I included a Flickr link so you can see a beautiful picture of Rainbow Row here.

Even though I am very familiar with houses painted different colors, what recently happened in Brazil is like Charleston on steroids. A painting team from Favela Painting, who works entirely on donations, recently went into Brazil’s favelas and painted them with these bright vibrant geometric shapes, lines and colors. (Portuguese translation: A favela is a “shanty town” or a very, very poor neighborhood)

This stunning, energetic art is now breathing new life back to these neighborhoods again. It’s so wonderful to see the effect that art can have on people and their moods. Residents are no longer embarrassed of their neighborhood, but instead, they are taking pride in it again. This is just such an inspiring endeavor on so many different levels!

[via thecoolist]