The Most Popular Fonts By Operating System [Infographic]

As a designer, it’s always a treat finding new and exciting fonts to use in a design.  The variations are unlimited, and to find the right one can sometimes be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.  However, you instantly know when you have struck gold, and that is when the font compliments the design to the point where it feels as if it no longer makes the viewer focus on the font, but instead, on what’s written with it.  Choosing the wrong font can sometimes destroy a whole concept you have been working on and tweaking for hours and hours.  A wrong font could even simply be one that is over used and therefore doesn’t serve its purpose to make your design edgy and fresh.

So how do you know what font is the most used, and what you are able to use without falling into the pits of becoming yesterday’s news?  Well, luckily for you, DEHAHS has complied this data and presented it in a simple to use and brilliant guide sorted by Operating System, Top Serif Fonts, Top Fantasy Fonts, Top Cursive Fonts and Top Popular Fonts according to Google and FontSpring.

To create a versatile and browser compatible design is a true trade these days since we are seeing more and more web browsers spring up almost daily.  But don’t get lost in all of the hundreds of thousands of fonts that are out there.  Only buy and/or download the free ones that you know you’ll be using.  It’s easy to overcrowd that font list, and in time, it will only become a time suck to scroll through all the thousands of fonts you have injected but don’t really have the intention to use.  Less is more as they say.

Top Fonts Listed In Categories

Via: [TechKing]