The Power Of A Storm Captured In Pictures!

I live in a country that is visited by typhoons and storms frequently (The Philippines). It is quite a scary experience, especially if the ones that we experience are classified as Super Storms or Typhoons as we call them here. Those arise when much of the heat that has been accumulated during the previous period of global warming ejects into space through the eye of the hurricane. They are also classified as that because they are characterized by strong winds and huge down pours. I remember last year, the worst one that hit our country was Ondoy. It rained so hard that it flooded the entire metropolis. Imagine people staying on the roof of their houses. Some people even had to leave their houses and stay in evacuation centers for months.

Nature is truly powerful. Conscious efforts are now being taken to make sure that we take care of our environment. If you notice, the storms or typhoons are getting a lot more powerful as the years go by. I am amazed at some of these photographers that were able to capture the power of storms. They risk their lives just to capture the moment. If you take a close look at some of the photos I have featured here, you will just be in awe at the beauty and get an overwhelming feeling of horror, all at the same time.

Source: [ Eye of the Storm / Natural History Museum / Hoax Slayer / Surfers Village / Core ] – As they appear