The Real Life Reset Buttons!

I am sure most of you out there, if not all, have once in while had one of those days that you wish you could just reset or just slept through. One of those bad days gone absolutely wrong. As we all know there is not much to do than to just hold out and get through it. Sometimes more easy to do in theory than to actually endure. But we all have to every once in a sucky while. I just wish I had a couple of CRTL ALT DEL keys I could use whenever that happens. Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing to be able to just bring up that real life Task Manager menu and just close all the stuff you don’t want there anymore?

Well, someone of course thought of that and designed a really nice way of resetting your day back to normal again. If just in theory. Gadget4All is bringing you the life size all real CTRL ALT DEL cup and tray set. All you have to do is to choose what you want to reset your life with.

The ceramic set comes in either black or white and is sure to outlast your worst day. How about serving yourself a refreshing newly brewed cup of coffee to give you a minute to recap what has gone wrong throughput the day and how you could possibly turn it around making it a good one. I am sure it’s good for soup as well which I am sure will bring your thoughts to better acquainted happy thoughts.

With a price tag of just under 24 bucks this piece of geek stardom accessory is a nice addition to that BigBag sack enhanced office from which you rule you rule your empire. Imagine the subject change when you bring this thing to your customers or clients. It will be the subject of the day and if not…you can always CTRL ALT DEL! So, if you guys over there have a set to spare please don’t hesitate to send me a set and I’ll try it out. I need a reset every once in a while.