The Ultimate Visual Color Theory Guide Behind Brand Design

When starting a business, there are plenty of aspects to take into consideration.  First you should of course have a great idea that you are ready to work with until it becomes a success.  You also have to make sure your brand is as visually appealing as you see it yourself.  There are a lot of factors that determine how a customer will react to your brand, and it has a lot to do with what colors you choose for your logo, website and other colorful creations.  You have to know what you want your brand to stand for, and how you want to present yourself.  For example, the red color that Coca Cola uses for their cans has been carefully researched and patented.

What colors should you use, and what do they all stand for?  Well, there was some extensive research completed to find out what each does to the emotions of us humans.  A carefully detailed color map was then created to present what they found.  It’s an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to make sure that the color they use presents them in just the right way.
These two guides were created by Paper Leaf Design, and should work as a guide when you start designing your own or someone else’s logo, website, printed boxes, packaging, or marketing materials.  There is more to colors than some people might think.  Choosing the wrong color for your brand could potentially mean less visibility, and in the long run, loss of revenue. The eye is the very first filter that we humans use to determine what we like.  It shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Invaluable Color Guide For Designers

Invaluable Color Guide For Designers