The Vader Project – Creative Darth Vader Helmet Designs

Since this is the 4th and final year of The Vader Project, I thought it was only fitting to feature this event on Bit Rebels. The Vader Project is an art extravaganza where talented artists are asked to re-imagine and re-design Darth Vader’s legendary helmet.

This year, 100 artists were invited to participate in this extraordinary event filled with creativity and fun. Later this summer, the entries from this year’s event will go up for bid at Freeman’s Auction. Below is a sampling of some of my favorite entries from this year and prior years. These are just so inspiring to me. I’m not even an artist, but I would still love to design one of these Star Wars helmets just for fun. Much thanks to my very dear friend, @terrinakamura, who sent the tweet which reminded me that this event is coming up!

[Image Sources: ifitshipsitshere, likecool]