The Wearable Plant: Is It Fashion or Foliage?

The reason I write about plants on Bit Rebels is because it’s as close as I can get to actually having them. I stopped buying plants a few years ago because I always accidentally kill them. And then, after they are dead, I go through the whole emotional spectrum like when I was six and I killed my goldfish. Some people have a green thumb. I have a deadly thumb.

Even though they always die for me, I still think plants are very cool. Did you know that music helps plants grow? It’s true. Also, did you know that your plants can talk using Twitter? See… plants are getting more interesting already! Plants are even creating beautiful rooftop garden on the buses in NYC.

If you love plants, I’d like to show you this cute wearable planter created by Colleen Jordan. Some people get attached to their plants, and now those people can take a little sprout of plant love with them wherever they go. Or, take your wearable planter out with you empty, and rescue a flower or a little plant life from between the concrete cracks on your way to work in the morning. Either way, it’s a very cute idea. You can purchase your own wearable planter on Colleen Jordan’s Etsy for $55.

Fashion Wear Planter With Plants

Fashion Wear Planter With Plant

Fashion Wear Planter With Plant

Fashion Wear Planter With Plant