There Ain’t Nothing Cooler Than Boba Fett Typography!

Not too long ago, I descended into the Star Wars bin of awesomeness yet once more and found the cool makings of Star Wars Typography. I found it very appealing and creative yet it was created out of really simple characters and not too many of them either. Created were three of the legendary series portrayed in pure type characters. What could be missing? That’s exactly what someone out there thought.

That someone is Lishoffs who added Boba Fett to the mix, and made it even more awesome. With his work dubbed “Boba Font,” he has created Bob Fett (duh!) while just using characters. At first, just like last time, when you look at the artwork it’s not immediately apparent that it’s created out of pure text. A whole body Stormtrooper is also available. Brilliant!

However, after looking at it for a while, you will start to see all of the characters emerging and then it’s pure awesomeness. I am sure it won’t be long until someone has the set completed with pretty much every character there is in the Star Wars movies. My question is, how do you create the Death Star in typography? Try cracking that one!