Things We Forget: Inspiration To Remind You That You’re Amazing!

If you are like most people, you rush around every day from task to task as if your life depended on it. We are all so busy and we work so hard that sometimes it surprises me that we even take time to have a little fun every now and then. I keep lists to stay organized. I write lists every day. I even make lists to keep my lists straight. I have a sticky note in my back pocket right now with a list of things that I absolutely have to get done today. I scribbled it, so it probably wouldn’t make sense to anyone else, but I can glance at it and know exactly what I need to accomplish.

There are lots of things we forget from time to time, and for me, one of the biggest things I often forget is to feed my mind with positive energy. It’s easy to work so hard that we get drained and tired, but it’s nothing that a little jolt of positive energy can’t fix! You may know that for over three years now, there has been an anonymous artist in Singapore who leaves sticky notes in public places with little quotes to remind people of the things they might forget. For example, he or she reminds us to keep an open mind, to be amazing and to take ourselves less seriously.

You can see all the sticky notes compiled at Things We Forget. 70 of them have been put together on this one very cool poster which you see below. If you would like to purchase this poster to help you remember the simple things you might forget, you can pick it up for $18 on Degree.

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Things We Forget Poster

Via: [Book of Joe]