This Diet Coke Can Is Showing Us Some Love

I love this new limited edition Diet Coke can! I really liked the sleek and sexy Coke can Richard wrote about, but I think I like this one even better because it could save lives.

According to, “Comic artist Tom Gauld has produced some rather lovely work for a new series of cans for Diet Coke; the limited edition cans are designed to raise awareness of The Heart Truth, the women’s heart health program.”

Heart disease is the number one killer of women. The red dress is the national symbol for heart disease awareness. Please take a moment to visit the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute website to learn what you can do to lower your own heart disease risk.

The Stay Extraordinary Diet Coke webpage, designed especially to raise awareness, also offers many fun little tips and inspirations. This promotion ends at the end of March, so between now and then, I hope you’ll celebrate your own health and happiness with someone you love and enjoy this new Diet Coke can design! You can check out more of Tom’s work at