This Fallout Costume Will Scare Your Friends Half To Death

So Halloween is over and there is no real need to put on a custom anymore. However, there is always that odd thing people do called Cosplay. Yeah, if you’re not familiar with it, it’s when geeks create their own awesome game character costumes (or whatever costume they want to create) and role play with it until the sun goes down. Posing in front of the camera is of course a must cause whatever you can do to show off that creation of yours is highly recommended. How else will you become the one ruler of the Cosplay world? Some geeks spend years and years developing their costume, and those are the ones that keep being featured over and over again which in turn puts themselves in the spotlight. Sometimes it’s even more than the 15 minutes of fame we all get to have once in our lives.

Josh Jay, a Cosplay designer and ultimate geek, put this Fallout costume together and posed in front of a camera his friend operated. As you can see, the helmet is everything but dull, and I can see some serious damage being done to some unexpecting victim’s nerves when they come and knock on their door just to say hi.

Josh didn’t only create this unbelievably cool helmet, he also documented the whole process, and you can look at it in the Josh Jay’s Facebook photo catalog. The helmet even sports a working headlight and the two suggest that it would be perfect for riding a motorcycle. I am inclined to agree. What a sight that would be!