This Is What Happens When Artists Do Too Much…

Artists have a way of exaggerating reality in order to highlight their subject, and usually it is in every possible visual way. It becomes the tool to catch people’s attention and to change the look on the subject, they try to deliver. However, for every artist that exaggerates reality, we get ever more blunt and tend to bend reality even more due to the way our new way of reality is being visualized. It may be a great tool for artists, but the danger of pulling us into areas we should not enter is on an ever elevated scale. These are just concerns from the art lovers that consume art in their daily life.

There are things we should really consider and not sweep under the rug. Thomas Hirschhorn created a project in a Belgium museum that will have your jaw drop to the floor. The project is called “Too Too – Much Much,” and it is trying to project the exaggeration of artists that want to do too much before coming to the essence of the subject and also the over driven consumption of beverage cans.

I don’t know if it is the dooming music or the sheer look of all of those cans that makes me heavily concerned about our beautiful planet. Sure, we recycle most of the aluminum cans, but there are still tons that just pollute our planets drinking water and so forth. This is one of those pieces of art that I just don’t know whether to smile or be concerned about. Maybe that’s exactly the point.