Toy Atlas Rainbow: 2,500 Hot Wheels Cars Turned Into Carpet

If you had a lot of toys when you were growing up, you know that pretty much 80% of them just stared you in the face pretty much all the time wondering when you were going to play with them. It’s usually how it goes, but I think we do that for a reason. Our creativity is geared towards what we find interesting, and everyone knows that you won’t find 100% of your toys to be the pinnacle of fun every day. So what happened with all those toys when they became no longer necessary in your life? I am sure they either got tossed away, or in the best case scenario, they were handed down to the next generation, like a family thing.

If you have 2,500 hot wheels cars laying around, and if you are David T. Waller, you would know exactly what to do with them. You would of course create a rainbow carpet out of them all. I shall be honest and say that it’s not so much a carpet, but an installation of color categorized hot wheels cars, and a lot of them. They are lined up spiraling from the center and out to create a colorful rainbow, which at first strikes you to be a perfectly normal carpet.

However, having a closer look will reveal another story and reality. It’s another one of those really odd and insane mammoth projects which just makes your head spin when you start thinking about the time and effort that must have gone into creating it. David truly knows what to do with all the old toys that are otherwise up for toss or destruction. This is a far more humane way of saving what once was someone’s everything. I wonder what he could do with all those teenage posters that are probably tossed away or torn once they have served their purpose. Maybe he would create a heck of an interesting wallpaper or a color-graded curtain. Who knows, right? The good thing is that they are recycled into something badass!

2500 Hot Wheels Cars Rainbow

2500 Hot Wheels Cars Rainbow

2500 Hot Wheels Cars Rainbow

Via: [UFunk – French]