TRON Is Almost Better When Created In LEGO!

With Disney reaping yet another success with the TRON movie, I keep wondering if they will come out with another one. Sometimes movie companies will have a third movie in backup if the first two were hits at the box office. The first movie became a legend in its own name, and since then the concept has oddly not been revisted since. However, by the look of things, that will not be the case this time around. With an already monstrous box office start, you can expect the TRON concept to outlive itself on the Internet with various spoofs, creations and viral videos.

To somewhat start that off (not really), I’d like to introduce you to the creativity of LEGO. Someone who’s a fan of both TRON and LEGO is Lain Heath who has created Olivia Wilde‘s character Quorra to live outside the movie, and made her into a static LEGO figurine. If you thought LEGO was just for kids, then you should start thinking about the mad possibilities you could have with it.

With a relatively small number of LEGO blocks, Lain has managed to create a quite stunning recreation of Quorra. It’s what I have always said, LEGO is the solution to everything. Give a box of LEGO to every president and king in the world, and we would have peace. They would simply not have time to wage the wars they constantly unleash on the world. Problem solved.