Tutorial: Brilliant 3D Super Mario Magnet Board

It is almost like Super Mario has an imprint in all of our minds cause hardly a day goes by when I don’t see something totally new and extraordinary with the Super Mario franchise smack in the middle of it. I mean, there are backpacks, lunch boxes, pillows, shower curtains… you name it, and it is probably already in production. But there is still room for more Super Mario awesomeness, and more is coming, believe it or not. If you can dream it, someone will probably make it.

The awesome people over at Laboratory 424 know how to catch one’s attention. If you consider yourself to be a geek, then you just have to check out this awesome tutorial they put together. It’s a tutorial that shows you how to create your very own Super Mario Magnet Board. What could be cooler than setting up your own rules in the Super Mario world of awesomeness?

Whatever schedule you have or whatever you need to pay extra attention to, just put it up “on” the world of Super Mario, and you will most definitely not forget about it. Cause who wouldn’t want to check out the latest and greatest world build? I mean, it’s probably the closest you will ever come to your very own real Minecraft builder. And, by the looks of things, we all love Minecraft.