Typographic Time Piece

Having just moved to a new small apartment in Oslo, I have rediscovered my interest for details and cool interior object to make the place more like home.

I just came over this really cool watch (that I bought right away) which is really cool – designwise. It’s called Qlocktwo – and is a clock that shows the time in typography. It comes in 5 different colors and in 6 languages, and the price? Ehrm… EUR 885 (inkl. 19% German V.A.T.)

Here is the specs for this beautiful designpiece:

typographic time format in 5 minute intervals combined with four-minute dots
Front: Acrylic glass polished edges, Body: Wood, four layers of lack
DCF-77 time-signal receiver for to the second accurate time-telling without manual setting
Automatic summer/winter daylight-savings time
Light sensor for automatic adjustment to ambient light
manual brightness control
including wall brackets for mounting
including massive acrylic glass holders for stand version
Dimensions 450 x 450 x 20 mm, Weight approx. 4 kg
Electricity supply 220V, low energy consumption due to LED technology (less than 2 Watts)
handmade in Germany