Typography Soap – The Cleanest Font Ever Created

Now this is the kind of soap that makes me get excited about getting dirty! I can’t wait to mess around in some mud! (Ok, maybe not) I admit it; there are many days when I’m working so hard on a project at my desk that it is a huge inconvenience to take a shower. I do it anyway and rush back to my desk wrapped in a towel, with wet hair.

Now, with this ultimately divine soap, I can look forward to taking fifteen minutes out of the day to get clean. This isn’t the first time we’ve written about soap on Bit Rebels. Richard wrote about geek soaps here – Get Clean the Geek Way! This typography soap below was designed and handmade by Debbie Chialtas of Soapylove. It has a peppermint crushed ice scent. What font is this? According to http://blog.craftzine.com, it is probably DIN Schriften Neuzeit Grotesk Bold Condensed.

For all you passionate designers who eat and sleep fonts, if you have secretly fantasized about rubbing a font all over your body (you know who you are), here you go! Have fun!

[Image Source: Charles&Marie]